Men’s Fellowship

Men’s Fellowship

The men’s group, popularly known as The Champions For Christ, as implied, is aimed at developing and nurturing the “CHAMPION” inside every man, because we believe every man is a born achiever and as a group we’ll not only support each other but also help to bring out the best in each as we follow the precepts of the Word of God for any man that would be successful in the Home, Church and in the Society. It is therefore important for ALL men in the Church to be part of this group.



Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous – Edwin Louis Cole
Being a male is a matter of birth; being a man is a matter of Choice – Ben Kinchlow
Men are God’s method. While men look for better methods, God looks for better men       - E. M. Bounds

Christian Men’s Network Nigeria is another vision of the Senior Pastor who is the President.
It is fellowship of Christian men who have taken a decision to live according to God's principles and patterns that he has revealed and continues to reveal to us through His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a powerful state of being which connects to the eternal divine nature of God.

The Ministry had existed for many years as the men's fellowship of Christ Chapel International Churches, CCIC, under the name Champions for Christ. But after the first international men’s conference ever held in Nigeria took place in three Nigerian cities in 2001, the need for a non-denominational kingdom men’s movement in Nigeria became critical. 

The vision, to establish a ministry for men that is not about a church but about the Kingdom of God and therefore FOR ALL MEN who profess the lordship of Jesus Christ, led the to Champions for Christ, which was already affiliated to Christian Men’s Network, the Texas, US-based international ministry to men founded in 1977 by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole, through Dr joda’s deep involvement, evolving into Christian Men’s Network Nigeria.

The ministry is structured into chapters, which may constitute of members within a church, a work place or a particular community. Currently there are ten chapters in Lagos and one each in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, two in Port Harcourt and one in Calabar. Many more are coming on board.

CMNN is not about a church but about the Kingdom. It is a Kingdom Institution FOR ALL MEN of the Kingdom of Heaven. Membership is therefore open to all men who are desirous of being better men - that is better sons, better brothers, better husbands, better fathers, better leaders at every level they operate - and who know that the Lord Jesus Christ is the ultimate model of true manhood. Such men must be zealous in their pursuit of Christ-likeness and therefore be willing to commit their resources in time and finance to the ministry.
Apart from members, Christian Men’s Network Nigeria also has Partners. The partnership corps is the engine driving the ministry forward in the direction God has ordained for it. The Partners are therefore, first and foremost, volunteers who have chosen to live a better lifestyle based on total surrender to God's way of doing things, whether it be in business, marriage, fathering, public service or just general interpersonal relationships.

Partnership is the result of accepting the challenge to live one's life upon the high standards prescribed by God. It means becoming God's standard-bearer. In financial matters it means recognizing that God is the source and one is merely a steward of the resources placed in one's control. A partner is a giver of the highest order because he expects to be a receiver from God of the highest order.