Prisons Ministry

In Nigeria today, there are about 360 prisons and an estimated 30,000 prisoners or more with about 20,000 staffs. The prisoners are kept in prison as a corrective measure, but in many cases, they come out more hardened than before they went in.This was one of the reasons why Prisons ministries have been established all over the world and in Nigeria. 

The Prison Ministry works closely with the PFN – Prison Fellowship Nigeria. In conjunction with the PFN, Christ Chapel Prison Ministry organizes and participates in revival services ministration, counseling and other related programmes in prisons and remand homes.

The Ministry also support the prison authorities via the provision of food, wears, toiletries, medicines, electronics e.t.c. for inmates.

Feed the Poor

Social programme to reach the hungry and less privileged in the society

Medical Missions

Being a medical doctor- Dr Joda leads a team of Doctors and Nurses to give free medical aid to the poor and less privileged. Medical missions have been carried out in Lagos, Owerri, Onitsha, Calabar and other places.

Care Ministry

Reaches out to the old and less privileged in the society. They minister to invalids, visit old people’s homes and motherless babies homes.