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Welcome to CampMeeting 2017 Registration

This year, there is something special! Its the first National campmeeting to hold at Amuwo International Headquarters since we made the decision to move to own permanent venue! 

1. Registration will be online at the CCIC Website

2. There will be both Executive & Regular Registration at Campmeeting 2017

3. This year we are introducing discounts for early registration - Those who register before 2nd October 2017 will be eligible for this discount

4. The rates for this year's Registration are as follows:

Early Registration (Registration before 2nd Oct 2017)

Executive N8000.00              Regular N450.00

Late Registration (Registration on or after 2nd Oct 2017)

Executive N9000.00              Regular N500.00

5. The Regular Registration Pack the pack is a Perfect bound notebook containing all the printed materials usually found in previous Registration Folders. The advantage of this format is that it is more compact and the notebook is durable and can be used well beyond the Campmeeting event. 

6. The Executive Registration Pack is a bumper one containing:

1. One MP3 Speaker for playing messages and music
2. One Full Fledged Laptop Bag suitable for Notebooks Computer sizes upto 15.6"
3. One CD preloaded with 4 Messages of Rev.Dr Tunde Joda
4. One Rechargeable Torch and Flourescent Lamp
5. One Travel Mug
6. One Perfect-Bound Campmeeting 2017 Exercise Book
7. One Lanyard for wearing the Conference Identification Tag

7. Registration Payment will be online via the Quickteller Website. You will need a Verve or Mastercard that is activated for use on the Internet. Make sure it is a card that you have successfully used to make a purchase on the Internet.

You should make payment before you commence registration as the reference number for your payment will be required before you can submit the form .

We recommend that Centres make a bulk payment for their members where possible. Quickteller charges N100.00 for each individual payment. A bulk payment will help you keep these charges to a minimum.

Making payment

To make a payment via Quickteller, you will need to register as a user on the quickteller site if you have never used the site before. The address to the Quickteller site is: https://www.quickteller.com/

Quickteller uses your e-mail address as your user name. Make sure you have a valid e-mail address because a mail required to activate your quickteller login will be sent to this e-mail address.

Follow the guided process offered to enure you successfully register on quickteller and activate your quickteller login

1. To initiate payment, you can do any of the following:

  1. Type https://www.quickteller.com/ccic into your web browser
  2. Go to the CCIC website. Click on “Giving” and choose “Give Online
  3. Go to the Quickteller Home page (https://www.quickteller.com/), Type CCIC into the search box on the site. Select “Christ Chapel Int’l Churches > Campmeeting” from the drop-down list

All of the above methods will take you to the CCIC page on Quickteller.

2. Click in the “Select an Option” box and select the option “Campmeeting”

3. Fill  the “Payer Name/Center Name” box in the following format: Name_Center e.g. David James_Surulere

4. Enter the amount to pay and have your Verve or MasterCard handy. Click the “Pay” Button and Follow the prompts on the screen. Supply your card information when requested and complete the payment process.

5. At the end of the process you will have a confirmation receipt. Take note of your Transaction Reference Number (TRN) – you will need it to complete registration at the CCIC Website

A TRN could look like this: ECO|WEB|4QTL0001|CCIC|200913234653|00026284

Let’s assume you registered for 3 persons. You will be able to use the same TRN for the 3 persons by adding suffixes to the TRN as follows:




This way, each of the 3 persons can use the same TRN to complete their registration. The TRN is long – so we recommend you copy in readiness for pasting into the registration form at the CCIC website


Filling the Registration Form

  1. Get back to the CCIC Website http://christchapel.org.ng/
  2. Click on “Campmeeting 2017” and choose “online registration”.
  3. When the page opens, Scroll down the page to click on the Register(Individual) Button.
  4. If you registered last year, enter your login name and password. You are now ready to register for Campmeeting 2017. If you did not register last year, skip to step 6 step.
  5. If you registered the previous year, your personal details should appear on the form and you can skip to step 8 to continue.
  6. If you did NOT register last year, you will be presented with a form where you will choose a username and Password and the you will be required to fill in your personal details. Complete all fields on the form. All fields marked with a red asterisk are compulsory!
  7. Please note down your Username & Password for future use.
  8. If you copied your TRN from the QuickTeller site, paste it in the text box labeled “QuickTeller Reference No”. If the TRN refers to multiple payments, then add a unique suffix as described above.
  9. When finished, click on the Registration Confirmation Button. Review the information you entered on the next screen and if all is correct, click on the button “Complete Registration”
  10. You are now registered for Campmeeting 2017

Making Changes to your Profile and Registration Information

It is possible you left out some information or spelt something wrongly and you did not notice it before you submitted your form. You can still make changes but you will need your username and password to log in first.

  1. Get back to the CCIC Website http://christchapel.org.ng/
  2. Click on “Campmeeting 2017” and choose “online registration”.
  3. Scroll down to locate the login section
  4. Enter your username and password and click on login
  5. In the side bar, do one of the following:
    1. Choose User Profile Edit to update your personal information including uploading a picture
    2. Choose Registration History to update Campmeeting registration Information

Need Help???

Please feel free to contact any of the following should you need any assistance:


Rev Dipo Onabowale



Olugbenga Ayanleke



Diran Mabo



Plot 33/34 Femi Ayantuga Cresent ,
Off Adelabu Street ,Surulere,

Lagos - Nigeria.
Tel : 07084287399
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.christchapel.org.ng